Spending your budget on the things that will last.

January 2009

Just because the holidays are over, doesn't mean it has to be the end of family time. In fact, during this economic downturn spending time at home may become a necessity for you and your family. So the next time your teenager asks for twenty bucks to go to the movie (remember when five bucks would have been plenty), try taking advantage and spending time at home as a family. Here are a few ideas that wont cost you anything:

The Economy and Our Youth

February 2009

One does not have to be an economist to realize the condition of our economy is not ideal. People all over the United States are struggling to make ends meet. This bleak setting has left many parents feeling helpless when faced with all of their financial responsibilities. While you may not be able to solve the economic recession, you can teach your children smart financial habits that will help them in the future.

Alcoholism Might Be Prevented Through Behavioral Correction

March 2009

Does your child have behavioral problems? Does your child have a problem with alcohol? According to recent studies, these questions may be interdependent.

Violence in Dating Relationships

April 2009

One in three teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship. It is important to remember that it can happen to anyone. This includes your child.