Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

January 2008

It’s hard to believe that another New Year has finally arrived. There is something magical about starting a new year. Something inside each of us beckons us to look for the new day, forget the mistakes and just simply start over. Where do we begin? There’s no better place to start than with our families.

Seeing the Red Flags Before Tragedy Strikes

February 2008

Last week Stephen Kazmierczak entered Northern Illinois University and began a shooting rampage killing six, wounding 16, and killing himself. This devastating event came “without warning” to many of the the gunmen’s friends and family. It seems stories like these are becoming common place in our society. Names like Omaha Nebraska Mall, Virginia Tech and Columbine Massacre come rushing to our minds. But can such a horrific event really come completely without warning? Are there possibly some red flags that could help prevent these tragedies?

Teens and Sex

March 2008

Sex, drugs, and dating make teens feel older. Television, movies, records, and advertisements give teens the illusion that these behaviors are “normal” and a mandatory part of the maturing process. Probably most commonly shown in these types of media is a constant reference to sex and sexual relationships. No matter your personal belief about teens and sex, the consequences are the same. Scientifically proven, teenagers are not physically or emotionally ready to deal with the consequences of sex.